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Throwing axes for newbs!

ot comfortable throwing axes just yet? Well here are some guidelines to becoming an axe throwing pro!

What am I getting myself into? You are literally throwing an axe... That is it. It is no different than corn hole, darts, horseshoes, or bowling. Most venues have set up targets in designated lanes for you to hurl an axe, end-over-end to hit the bullseye.

Is it Dangerous? Not at all! More often than not, there will be fencing or other barriers in place to the side of each lane to protect you and your fellow axe throwers. And if that is not enough your venue of choice will have axpert coaches on hand to give you all the assistance you require to ensure minimal risk and maximum fun!

Is there a dress code? Yes and no. Usually, closed-toe shoes are required to prevent any risk of injury. However, no other dress code requirements are necessary for the axe throwing lanes! Just wear something comfortable and breathable since you will be moving around quite a bit. How do I throw an axe? It may sound like an obvious question, however there are certain techniques that make hitting that bullseye far more likely. There are usually markers on the floor that help to gage distance which is one important aspect, but here are a few tips and tricks to throwing an axe well. First one is hand placement. You will put your dominant hand on top and point both thumbs up the handle. Tip number 2, you will bring the axe directly over your head this will help keep the axe straight when thrown. Tip number 3 is to let go just above your eye line and watch that puppy sore straight to the center of the target! Now that you are more confident with the basics. Go check out your local axe throwing facility!

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